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What Car Insurance Discounts Are Available?

Car insurance is often a big expense that can make driving less affordable. Fortunately, there are discounts available that can be used to lower car insurance costs. If you’re interested in accessing car insurance discounts, here are some things you should look out for. 

Driver History Discounts

Your driving history is one of the main factors used to determine your car insurance rates. Good driving history and positive driver behaviors can result in significant car insurance discounts. Most insurers offer a discount to people who qualify as “good drivers.” What defines a good driver varies depending on the insurer, but it usually means that you don’t have many accidents or traffic violations documented for the last five years. 

Defensive Driver Discounts

Taking a defensive driving course can lower car insurance costs. These classes teach you tactics to become a safer driver, making accidents less likely to occur. Keep in mind that, in many cases, defensive driver discounts are only allowed for drivers 55 years old or older. 

Telematics Discounts

You can save hundreds of dollars by installing telematics devices in your vehicle. These devices track your driving behavior via a mobile app or device that plugs directly into your car’s diagnostic port. Some of these discounts are applied through a reward program or pay-per-mile car insurance, which determines your insurance rate based on the number of miles you drive. 

It’s important to note that some plans will increase your rates if you have poor driving habits, so always be careful when choosing a plan. 

Feature-Related Discounts

New cars with safety add-ons can be insured at discounted rates, and so can electric vehicles. Although, you may need a specific type of insurance to qualify for these discounts. For example, some of these discounts only apply to MedPay or personal injury protection coverage. 

Student Discounts

Full-time students who earn good grades can get car insurance coverage at reduced rates. Many companies only offer these discounts to students ranging between ages 16 to 24. The requirement is typically a B average. 

Homeowner Discounts

If you combine your homeowner’s insurance with your auto policy, you can reduce costs by 10%. You may even be able to get insurance from different companies and still lower your auto insurance costs by just having home insurance. 

Find Car Insurance That Is Affordable

An insurance agent can help you determine what car insurance discounts you qualify for. Contact Senior Benefits and Health Services to find a plan that suits your budget. You can reach our agents at 844-657-0231.