Will Car Insurance Pay For Towing?

Car insurance exists to protect you from financial damages in the instance that your vehicle or another person’s property is damaged in an accident caused by you or other events. Unfortunately, many car insurance policies don’t cover towing due to mechanical issues. That means you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket for towing services in most cases. 

To learn how you can have towing covered by insurance, keep reading. 

What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance provides coverage that protects your vehicle and protects you from financial liability for damages caused by a car accident wherein you were at fault. There are many types of car insurance, each providing a different form of coverage. For example, collision coverage can be purchased to protect your vehicle from collisions. On the other hand, liability coverage protects you from personal liability for damages you caused to others’ property. 

Does Car Insurance Pay For Towing?

Breakdowns happen, and when they do, normally, you need to get a tow to a mechanic or back home. Whether that tow will be covered depends on the nature of your insurance policy. Most car insurance policies won’t cover towing due to mechanical issues. Although, roadside assistance coverage can help you pay for towing services. Roadside assistance coverage is an inexpensive add-on offered by most major auto insurance carriers. Without roadside assistance insurance, your primary car insurance probably won’t cover towing unless your car was involved in an accident. 

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance, sometimes called towing and labor coverage is a car insurance option that provides you with coverage that helps if you are stranded on the road. This coverage can be used if you have a flat ire, run out of gas, or get into an accident that prevents you from driving the vehicle. 

You must purchase a comprehensive or collision coverage plan to get roadside assistance coverage. Not all of these policies include roadside assistance, but liability coverage is sure not to include towing. If your policy doesn’t automatically include roadside assistance, it’s typically very easy to add on. You can simply purchase a roadside assistance rider and add it to your policy for around $10 per car. 

Get Car Insurance That Pays For Towing

If you think you may be reliant on towing services frequently, it helps to get financial protection through insurance that covers towing. You can find a car insurance policy that covers towing by calling Senior Benefits and Health Services at 844-657-0231.