How Does Final Expense Work?

How Does Final Expense Work?

Some people can’t qualify for life insurance. So what options do they have?

Final expense insurance is one option. 

A final expense insurance policy is easier to qualify for than life insurance, and plans are typically very affordable. To learn how final expense works, continue reading. 

What Is Final Expense?

Final expense is a form of permanent life insurance that offers fewer benefits than traditional life insurance. People purchase final expense insurance as an alternative to term, whole, and universal life insurance policies. Though, some people choose to buy both types of insurance. 

How Does Final Expense Work?

Final expense works the same as any other life insurance policy. A person’s life is covered by the company by an insurance contract. If the insured person dies while the policy is active, a death benefit payment is disbursed. The death benefit goes to the beneficiaries listed in the final expense policy. 

How To Get Final Expense

To purchase a final expense plan, you must apply and go through the enrollment process. There are no health exams, unlike with traditional life insurance policies. Instead, final expense plans require applicants to answer a few health questions. These questions are used to determine the health status of the applicants. 

Find a Final Expense Policy

You can get coverage that protects your family when you pass away. To get started with a free quote, call SBHS at (844) 657-0231.